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Publication EMPLOI du 10 octobre 2017

Director of Musical Programming and Marketing

QOBUZ • Musique enregistrée, distribution (physique ou en ligne), édition musicale, etc. • Pantin (93)

  • Vente, achat
  • Distribution, diffusion
  • Logistique, distribution
  • Webmarketing, traffic management, référencement web
  • Rédaction
  • Edition, publication
  • Programmation artistique
  • Gestion de produits et de marques


 We are looking for a commercial manager for a team of fastidious and finicky music experts!

 Musical expertise is at the core of the value of the Qobuz product: it is an expertise which we need to transform into commercial success.


The Director of Musical Programming will have day-to-day responsibility for making sure that the team is properly organised and working within the rules; for driving projects forward; for efficient marketing and sales, all with the ultimate goal of achieving the company's objective of improving the user experience.

The quality of musical programming and curation is at the heart of the Qobuz strategy, which is to present a determinedly different profile from all the other online music services, both in terms of musical genres and in terms of the sociological profile of its customers.


The Director of Musical Programming will be a real salesperson who will work to adapt our offer to the opportunities presented in every market, and at the international level; they will grow the capacity of our service so it can satisfy ever-greater numbers of customers; all while respecting, and developing, the brand fundamentals, in an appropriate manner.


He will guarantee the overall quality of musical programming and curation; the service's creativity and innovation; its originality and its aim of being an everyday companion to our customers, whom Qobuz offers a super-premium musical service. Ability to set aside one's own personal tastes in order to better serve the characteristics of the product.

As a member of the Board of Directors, the Director of Musical Programming will report to the Senior Management.



The successful applicant will be responsible for meeting targets for turnover and margins for all activities excluding Business Development.

He will be responsible for drawing up and monitoring KPIs for their service and will need the ability to contribute to the conception and design of offers or new services. They will issue full reports to the management regarding their department. Amongst other things, they will be responsible for Human Resources activities relating to their department.

He will work closely together with Marketing Management on programmes relating to acquisition and retention of customers, and loyalty schemes.

He will embody and respect the Qobuz attitude to music and the concept of the Qobuz product, and marshal a talent for organisation and a flair for sales.


Proven managerial skills. Ability to motivate, challenge, develop and train a diverse team, often composed of young and artistic people, in their day-to-day work.  Ability to coordinate and breathe dynamism, innovation and creativity into a team responsible for curating and musical programming, which, including freelancers, currently numbers about 15. Ability to attract talents to the business from around the world. 

Interpersonal skills

Affinity for the arts. Excellent editorial skills. Excellent English (UK or US) skills are indispensable. A good command of German or another European language would be a plus.  Well-grounded knowledge of the B2B recorded music economy and of the music industry.  The candidate will be challenged on the originality and coherence of their strategic vision.


Proven professional experience of at least 7-10 years in a responsible commercial role for a record label or online or audiovisual business.


The role is near Porte de Pantin, at Pantin - Metro Eglise de Pantin.




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